Thursday, July 20, 2017
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Business Plan Programs

Whether you are just starting out or an established organization, an up to date business plan is a valuable asset to any company. Our programs have  flexible start dates with many different payment options. Set up a meeting with a NABI Coach to decide what path to take

  • Exploring Business Opportunities
  • Building - Business Plan Basics
  • Growing - Take Your Business to the Next Level
  • Starting - Canadian Micro-business Program
  • Farmers Only - Tilling the Soil of Opportunity
  • Youth Enterprise Academy - Get the Buzz on Biz
  • Fine-Tuning: The Micro-business Success Program

To register or for more information email or call 780-460-1000

Exploring Business Opportunities 

Discover if Small Business is right for you! If you are taking this program it means you are seriously thinking about starting your own business. Starting a business is a rewarding journey and being your own boss can take you form Dependence on an employer to independence, and a life of freedom.

Commitment: 2 evenings (2 1/2 hours each)
Materials: All materials included
Investment: $99.00 (GST Incuded)

"Money isn’t the reason I got into business, but what it represents to me is the measure of my success.” Anonymous Entrepreneur.

BUILDING - Business Plan Basics

If you are thinking about starting your own business, the one thing you must have is a well thought out business plan. Business Plan Basics gives you the tools to research your business concept and then leads you through the steps necessary to effectively plan your business. This comprehensive program is facilitated by business planning experts and is designed to help you create your own "Road Map to Business Success."Business Plan Program, Build A Business Plan With Business Plan Basics 

Commitment: 30 hours of classroom and one-on-one coaching
Materials: All materials included
Investment: $3,195 or 3 payments of $1,095 (GST Included)

"Long term strategic planning tops the list of work activities most critical to company success..."Journal of Accountancy, 2005

GROWING - Take Your Business to the Next LevelBusiness Plan Program, Take Your Business to the Next Level
If you are an established business owner but still find yourself working in your business instead of on your business then learn how to plan for growth and build your business. Take Your Business to the Next Level is the comprehensive training program that helps you develop the plans you need to expand your business and discover what it takes to work less and earn more. This program gives you the tools to dissect your business, clarify your markets and develop strategies that will lead to increased sales, improved profits and business expansion.

Commitment: 40 hours of classroom and one-on-one coaching
Materials: All materials included
Investment: $4,195 or 3 payments of $1095 (GST Included)
"The Northern Alberta Business Incubator has provided the mentoring and facilities that allowed us to grow and leave the nest with confidence." Glenn Fitz, Sysnet Inc

STARTING - The Canadian Micro-Business Training ProgramBusiness Plan Program, Canadian Microbusiness Training Program
Work at your own pace and with your own personal business coach. Work through this modular program and build the business plan you need to be successful, with the guiding hand of a professional business trainer. Join the hundreds of people who have successfully made the transition from job dependence to business freedom.

Commitment: 30 hours of classroom and one-on-one coaching
Materials: All materials included
Investment: $3195 or 3 payments of $1095 (GST Included)

"NABI provided my company with a positive, cost effective solution."  Jeff Richards, JDR Insurance Brokerage Ltd. 

 AGRI-BUSINESS -Tilling the Soil of Opportunity

If you are a Farmer and you want to make your farm more profitable then Tilling The Soil of Opportunity can help you become a better agricultural entrepreneur. Learn how to tap into the new "market based" agriculture and plan agricultural enterprises that meet the needs of today's consumers and businesses.

Business Plan Program, Agriculture Specific Program

Learn about value-added processing, direct marketing, agritourism and farm diversification. Stop being a "price taker" and learn how to become a "price maker" 

Commitment: 40 hours of classroom and one-on-one coaching
Materials: All materials included
Investment: $4,195 or 3 payments of $1095 (GST Included). Government funding may be available.

Youth Enterprise Academy

You are never too young to think about starting a business. If you have the passion and the drive to be your own boss then sign up for NABI's Youth Enterprise Academy. It's a fun way to learn all about business and maybe build the future you want. Learn how to develop a business plan and actually start a business. Plus, develop your team skills and leadership ability with all kinds of educational activities. Business Plan Program, Youth Business Training

Commitment: 30 hours of classroom activities
Materials: All materials included
Investment: $3,195 or 3 payments of $1,095 (GST Included)

FINE-TUNING - Coach Central: The Microbusiness Success Program

Now that your business is up and running you need someone to help keep you on track and work with you as you learn how to stabilize your business for the long haul ahead. An experienced Business Coach will help keep you focused on your goals and help you create strategies to make your business a vibrant and sustainable business. Get a coach during the critical early stage development of your business.

Commitment: 48 hours with a 12-month contract
Materials: Additional as required
Schedule: Pre-arranged appointments with the Coach
Investment: $500 per month (GST Included)

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