Friday, January 18, 2019
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Top 3 Things we Took Away from the NEW Entrepreneur Panel Chelsey Tattrie

Recently NABI sponsored and supported the Network of Empowered Women Conference organized by a great group of students from the University of Alberta. This conference engages students nationwide to talk about professional and personal growth as well as female empowerment. This year, our Executive Director, Noreen Hoskins, was one of three panelists for the Entrepreneur Panel. As a serial entrepreneur Noreen was right at home among personal finance expert and entrepreneur, Janine Rogan, and A Girl’s Biz Banker, Shannon Pestun. The panel moderator asked some great questions and here are the top three things we took away:

1. Entrepreneurs can’t do it alone. Noreen shared that it’s so important for an entrepreneur to have a support system. She talked about the need of surrounding yourself with folks who share your vision and believe that what you’re pursuing has value. 


2. Banking needs to see the story behind the entrepreneur. Shannon shared her passion for supporting female entrepreneurship and discussed how banks can’t treat business as if there is no entrepreneur behind it because business is personal and banking needs to support entrepreneurs.


3. Entrepreneurship should be uplifting. Which was a common theme among the panelists. Yes, there is a lot of hard work but you in the end you should feel happy and that it’s worthwhile. 

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