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7 Roles of A Business Coach Chelsey Tattrie

Get off to the right start in 2018 by bringing in a fresh perspective. With everything a business coach can do for you, plus the no-obligation, low-cost business coaching solution from NABI Commons, you can’t afford NOT to get in touch with a coach!

As a business owner, it’s easy to get trapped in the mindset of “I can do it all myself.” After all, you are behind the business, but; successful business owners know that getting trapped inside your own perspective is dangerous. The “two minds are better than one” adage might sound tired, but there’s a point to it; two perspectives makes for a much broader range of sight than one.

 And when it comes to looking at your business, an unbiased evaluation is critical to decision-making, and even daily operations.

 You have many hats to wear in your business, and sometimes, it can be difficult to coordinate everything. Bringing someone else on board to have a look over things can keep you on track, and ensure your efforts are being coordinated for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Business coaches can accomplish all this and more. Check out these seven roles a coach can fulfill in your business:


1) Business Therapist. 

Business coaches are the shrinks of the business world. The reality is that every business is going to run into difficulties and snags at some point. Weathering the storm is as much about having the right tools as having the right attitude and perspective. Simply having someone on your side and in the know can be a comfort in a time of stress. 

This is probably one of the most important roles a business coach fulfills, so let’s break it down further. Your coach can be:

The voice of reason…

Entrepreneurs are a spontaneous bunch – it’s the reason for our successes, but often, it’s also the reason for our failures. Jumping two feet first into a new venture, concept, or vision isn’t always the best bet when you’re making big investments. Your business coach can bring you two steps back from the ledge for a sensible analysis, preventing those hindsight regrets. 

A sounding board…

It might seem pretty basic, but having an unbiased and experienced businessperson to bounce those creative ideas off is invaluable. A business coach can help you weigh your options, and can even guide you to options you didn’t know were available.

A helping hand in troubled times…

When things are going badly, it can be difficult to maintain your sense of calm. Panic and big business decisions don’t go well together. Throw in financial crises, and you’re well on the road to a major disaster. When chaos kicks in, having a business coach in your back pocket who’s familiar with your business is a huge advantage. Your coach can help you decipher where you went wrong, and better yet, how to start mending things and getting back on track. 

2) Networking Anchor.

Businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. Making great connections is an assured way to grow your business. Business coaches are typically well-connected, and adept at sharing those strong connections with their coaching clients. They can help you find aligned businesses to partner with on projects, companies that offer a specific solution you need, or even just referral partners who you can lean on and lend support to in return. Since they’re familiar with your business and operations, they might even introduce you to some of your best clients!

3) Roadmap Legend.

Have you ever felt lost in the swirl of endless information? Every day we’re bombarded with articles, blogs, emails, newsletters, and advertisements. When you’re looking for specific answers, it’s difficult to know where to begin and which sources to trust. 

Business coaches are typically masters of resources. They keep you from getting lost or feeling information overload. Most business coaches aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, either. If there’s something they don’t know, they know who to get in touch with to get on the right path. Or, they can get your research started for you, so you have a jumping off point. 

4) Utility Belt

Every business needs the right tools to function properly. From software, to workshops, to funding sources, if you need a solution, your business coach can likely point you in the right direction. 

Technology can be one of the most difficult utilities to navigate. With a program or app for almost everything, you need to know which tools are best, and then how to use them properly. Find a business coach who is tech-savvy, and ask what kinds of apps, programs, systems, or software you can use to streamline and automate your business. Then find out how you can minimize the number of tech tools you need, while maximizing the utility of each one you keep. 

(Stay tuned to the NABI blog next week to learn about our newest Commons coach, who’s an absolute tech-whiz!)

5) Microscope

You might be asking: “Why do I need a business coach when I can Google anything I need to know?” Well, why do we still need teachers in school? 

Teachers don’t just spew random information; they guide the learning process. It’s not always about learning the answers to questions you have, but learning answers to you didn’t know you should have. 

After establishing direction, you need specifics. Your business isn’t generalized, so generalized answers from Google just won’t cut it. You have a specific establishment, with all the context of location, size, type, direction, branding, etc. A business coach can get down to the details and give you advice that applies directly to your business or circumstances.  

6) Conductor

The greatest thing about business coaches is that they often see the specifics in the context of the whole. In other words, they can help you understand how making one small decision could affect other parts of your business. Just like a conductor can pick out the single out-of-tune flute in the band, a business coach can pinpoint tiny problems that are affecting the whole business. 

7) Trainer

A personal trainer can show you how to work out, but let’s get real; most of the reason you hire a personal trainer is to have someone to keep you motivated, on track, and accountable. A business coach is your trainer in all the same ways; he or she can show you how to achieve something, and then help you actually see it through to the end goal.

Often, business coaches are able to break large projects into actionable chunks. This not only makes it easier to achieve the project goals, but also creates great “check-in” points where your coach can see how you’re doing, where you’re making progress, and what’s stopping you up.

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