Thursday, December 13, 2018
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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business Chelsey Tattrie

January 1st marks a new beginning for individuals and businesses alike. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, an opportunity to engage in self-reflection and goal setting. As a business, your New Year’s Resolutions will probably look different than your personal ones. It’s doubtful your business related goals consist of eating healthier (the carrot cake over the cheesecake), going to the gym (at least once this year), and spending less money on needless online purchases (alright, perhaps that is a resolution your business needs to make). Being thoughtful about the goals you set can establish an expectation to strive for throughout the year. 

But where to start? 

Here are five resolutions you can make, as a business, to maximize your effectiveness in 2018:


1. Network, Network, Network

If this is something you struggle with, there’s no better time than the New Year to start thinking about how you can network more strongly with other business owners and clientele. Take the time to ask around, researching what events are happening that may provide the opportunity for you to create new connections. Focus on updating your social media pages and website; look into “going mobile,” if you haven’t already; carry business cards to pass out if the opportunity presents itself. Awareness is key when it comes to growing your business, and taking the time to invest in your business network is a resolution worth following through on. 


2. Learn to Communicate More Effectively 

Miscommunication often leads to wasted time, energy, and resources. On the other hand, clear communication enables staff to know what’s supposed to be done, what their specific role is, and how to carry out their designated task. Learning to listen; clarifying what is being asked; promoting teamwork and collaboration; and engaging in conflict resolution strategies, are all initial steps you can take to increase your businesses communication. 


3. If It’s Broken—Fix It

This may seem self-explanatory, but if a piece of business equipment, specific software, computer system, or an implemented strategy isn’t working—fix it. Investing in something that’s going to work for you and your business is worth it in the long haul. Don’t put up with something simply because it’s there. Make efficient, effective business practice a priority by making sure what you have, works for you.  


4. Keep It Simple

 It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a business. There’s so much going on, all the time, and as the scope of your business increase so, it seems, does that precarious tower of paperwork on your desk. Streamlining, prioritizing, outsourcing, digitizing, focusing on a specific target or goal, and just deleting emails when you’re done with them—these things can help simplify your business practice. Be honest and realistic about what in your business might be dogged down by needless clutter, and simplify the things you can.  


5. Take Care of Yourself

This is where those personal New Year’s Resolutions are going to come in handy. Operating a business is a demanding endeavor, and congratulations for being up to the task, but don’t overdo it. Learn when to say no, and how to delegate; make sure to value your own time; take care of your mental health; and get to know the people you work with on a more personal level (lunches out and staff parties can go over extremely well). Effective business practice comes from you, and you need to be at your best for your business to do likewise.  

Here’s to your new beginning! 


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