Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Harnessing Social Media to Increase Sales in December Chelsey Tattrie

December is a busy time of year! People are scouring the malls for the perfect Christmas gifts; work parties are being hosted; family is coming into town; huge meals are being planned and made every weekend. With all of this going on, is it possible for a business to capitalize on the holidays with social media, and increase their sales in December? 

So glad you asked. 

With time off school and work, parties people don’t necessarily want to be at, and forced conversation with extended family, there is an admitted increase in social media usage over the holidays. While there are a number of strategies to accomplish an increase in sales in December, harnessing social media is a cost-effective and efficient way to do so. It’s all about marketing to the clients and customers you have, and reminding them that your business can meet their specific needs during the holidays.  There are five specific things you can do:

1. Regularly post authentic content

During the holidays, keep your social media pages up to date. It’s a way to remind your clientele that you’re still around, you’re here waiting, and willing to meet their needs. Post authentic, original content, not stock, scheduled, or impersonal updates. Let your customers know what you have available, and why it’s something they need to utilize this Christmas season. 

2. Strategically time your posts

Think about when you post your content, and what it should say in relation to the time of the month. During the beginning of December, target those early shoppers who are finishing up their Christmas shopping. What are some products you offer that would make a good addition to the gifts they’ve already purchased? Feature these in your social media posts, or highlight sales this target audience can make use of. In mid-December, target the last minute shoppers who are frantically searching for gifts to get every person on their list. Make it easy for them to come in, know what they are looking for, find the products they need, and get out. At the end of December, start thinking about the New Year, and what products people might be looking for, come January. 

3. Highlight your products and services in a meaningful way

You have the unique opportunity to feature your products and services during the holidays in a way that you can’t during the rest of the year. You can market your product with the purpose of selling that product as a gift. Outlining the features of the product and explaining why it would be desirable for a mother to purchase it for their child this Christmas, or for a spouse to purchase it for their significant other, is valuable and helpful advice. People are more willing to engage in this kind of marketing strategy during the holidays. 

4. Engage your consumer audience

Get creative! Find ways to make your consumers active participants in what you have to offer over the holidays. Post giveaways and sweepstakes; ask questions; provide your clients with a way to offer feedback on what they want and need during the holidays; utilize wish lists and gift guides. Create an environment where the client feels valued and listened to, and take their advice! Make products available that you know they need.  

5. Personalize

During the holidays, everyone wants to know that they’re being thought of. Take the time to let your clients know you appreciate them. You can send social media messages to wish them a Merry Christmas, and connect with them on an emotional level. Letting them know you care opens the door for you to offer suggestions on how you can truly make their holidays just a little bit less stressful. 

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