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Need Reviews? Here's Your How-to Guide for Writing a Follow-Up Survey Chelsey Tattrie

Establishing a reputation for excellence as a small business or entrepreneur is important. Your potential clients need to know why they should choose you, and there’s nothing that says “hire me!” like a stellar review. You can be certain that your leads will do their research, and you need to be able to wow them with examples of your previous work and happy clients. 

Online reviews can do wonders for your business and help you gain trust and respect. The best way to gather your first few reviews is to develop a short survey requesting client feedback, and guiding them to a place where they can leave a public review. When creating your survey, there are a few things to keep in mind: 


1. Ask and you shall receive. 

While some clients will be more than willing to share their experience with others on your social platforms, a lot of clients won’t take the time without being prompted. If you want great reviews, you can’t just put in the initial work; you need to actively request reviews from your clients. Treat every client as if they are about to leave you a review, and then make sure each client gets a survey.  


2. Determine which aspects of your business you want to focus on. 

You can’t ask a client to evaluate every feature of your business. Instead, you want to hit a few target points that your potential customers will see value in, like timeliness, communications, quality, and accuracy. Nail it down to a few key areas, but keep your questions general enough that your clients won’t have to hit “not applicable” on every second question. 


3. Keep it short and sweet. 

You should be able to post a blurb at the top of your survey telling your clients that it will take only a few minutes of their time. Not only will this make it more likely that they’ll complete the survey, but it will show them that you value their time. If you’re targeting your questions properly, a review survey should take only a few clicks and some simple sentences. Once you’ve asked for their feedback, direct them to a place where they can post a public review, and include links so they’re brought straight to your review pages. 

4. Respond to your reviews and feedback.

You need to let your clients know you appreciate their feedback and comments, and ignoring them is not the way to do it. Send them a note of appreciation once they’ve completed your survey, and if they leave you a review on one of your platforms, be sure to respond with a comment that thanks them for their honest feedback. Not only will it show potential clients that you have a high level of customer service and client care, it will show your previous and current clients that you value them and want to work with them again. 
If there are problems or concerns in reviews, don’t get defensive; instead, offer real solutions. This can easily turn a negative review into a positive one.
If you want to develop an interactive survey (which only makes it easier on your clients) you can use a website like Survey Monkey, which offers free and pro accounts. 

If you’re struggling, here’s a quick example you can use as a template:

Dear {client}, 

We value your business and we are always seeking feedback so we can consistently improve our products and services. Please take two minutes of your time to fill out this survey and leave us a review, so we can serve you better in the future. 

1. How happy were you with the quality of the products and services you received?
2. What could we have done to improve your experience? 
3. What was your favourite part of the shopping experience?
4. Would you recommend us to your friends and colleagues? 

We appreciate your time in providing honest feedback about our business. Please leave us a brief review below to be featured on our website, or click on one of the following links to let others know what you thought of our services. 

(Include links to social media account review pages, Google, etc.)

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