Thursday, December 13, 2018
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NABI Commons Business Coach Profile: Dale Schaub Chelsey Tattrie

nabi commons coach dale

Dale Schaub 

Business Advisor Extraordinaire at Business Link

If you’re working through the baby steps of a starting a new business, Dale Schaub is a NABI Commons business coach you need to connect with.  An advisor with Business Link in Edmonton by day, Dale moonlights as a NABI Commons coach twice a month, offering his in-depth specialization to Commons clients! 

Dale Schaub is the perfect link between the NABI and Business Link. Dale helps startups across Alberta get a jump start on their business growth, by giving them access to local tools and resources they might otherwise have overlooked. If you haven’t been to Commons, and you aren’t sure where you need to start with coaching, Dale should be your first stop on a Wednesday afternoon (every second week – so check the coaching schedule!)

Dale can help almost any startup get their feet on the ground and running, but his areas of specialization include trades and construction, energy-based businesses, and marijuana! If you’re in any of these industries, you won’t want to miss out on his range of knowledge. If you’re in another industry, don’t hesitate to stop by; Dale’s knowledge extends to businesses of all types, and he can pinpoint specific resources just for you.


Dale wants to see you at Commons if you’re struggling with these three primary areas of business setup: 


  1. Regulations and Licensing
  2. Dale can help you cut through the red tape, and make sure you understand how to coordinate between legalities at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. 

  3. Financing 
  4. Dale can give you an extensive list of the programs, options, and grants available specifically for your business.

  5. Business Planning
  6. Dale would love to review your business plan to make sure you’re on track, and help you conduct market research so you know your industry and competition inside and out.

Dale loves the collaborative nature of Commons, and he’s gaining his own valuable resources to pass on to his Business Link clients. Already, he’s made great connections with NABI business coaches who can help startups with a range of needs. He suggests seeing Annette Wierstra with Scriptorium, a unique NABI Business Coach with a flair for technical writing. 

Dale also wants to help his NABI coaching clients benefit from the range of free and affordable resources offered by Business Link, such as their “Ask an Expert” sessions with a wide range of professionals. You can book a session on the Business Link website, but if it’s legal advice you’re after, get booked soon, because the lawyers are highly sought after!
You can also keep an eye out for Business Link’s free webinars on their website, and sign up for their newsletter to stay in tune with the latest in business news, advice, and technology. 

If you have questions for Dale, or can’t make it to meet up with him at Commons, please get in touch! He’d love to hear from you.

Dale Schaub

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