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5 Project Management Tips for Success Chelsey Tattrie


Project management is not for the faint of heart. It can feel like a thankless gig with plenty of challenges and obstacles waiting to sink your project if you’re unable to figure out how to rectify them. That said, the majority of a project manager’s work happens before things get underway, and even the most experienced will run into problems. Having proper strategies can mean the difference between success and failure when these problems arise. Here are a few tips to help you effectively manage tasks and larger projects, without feeling ready to melt down.


1. Be Prepared

Repeat after me: get every detail down in writing. Doing so gives you a road map that will keep you aware of every important element, and help eliminate potential risks and changes. Identify the project scope and goals from the initial planning stages and you’ll save yourself plenty of headaches later on. Does your project have an identifiable beginning, middle, and end? Do you know what your deliverables consist of? What about your milestones? Finding answers to these questions to put together a blueprint will help you keep your project under control right from the start.

2. Know Your Team

No amount of preparation can help if you don’t have the right people to carry your work to completion and success. It’s your responsibility to select a team with the right skillset and experience, who can work together as one solid unit. Keep your teams as small as possible – too many people can make task completion harder to keep track of, and can throw a wrench in productivity. Keeping notes on what everyone is and should be doing, and allotting only the tasks that need to be done prevents overlap and ensures accountability. Check in with your team members frequently so they know what they're expected to do ,and you know where they are from a progress perspective.


3. Have The Right Tools

It’s important to know what you’ll need for a specific project. These will become your trusty companions during the course of a lengthy project or two, so choose carefully! Figure out your processes and workflow and from there, complement those processes with suitable tools. Whether you need project management software, or simply have an ongoing to-do list, writing things down as they come up will make sure you don’t lose your handle on the project.

4. Be Clear

Clarity is a must when dealing with different voices and details. Projects can easily get off track when people are unsure of their role and all key deliverables during the process. Constant communication between all parties involved is a great way to keep everything running smoothly. Keep your information and team up-to-date, but most importantly, keep it consistent and honest. Allow your team to provide status updates, and put forward any questions or concerns they may have. One-on-one follow-ups with team members will help communications remain clear and consistent.

5. Evaluate!

From the start of the project, you should already be focused on the end goals. Each project provides learning opportunities to let you critically evaluate your current workflow and system. Take the time to find out what works and what needs to be worked on, so you can save time and improve quality for future projects. Catch any blind spots and overlooked items. Give team members positive feedback – highlight the good things your team did, and perhaps set incentives for future positive examples to keep your team motivated and focused.
Above all, be ready for anything. Not every project will go well – plenty of potential disasters and other surprises completely out of your control will arise. Nobody can prevent them, but the best project managers learn to roll with them and manage them effectively with systems and processes.  
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