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Welcome to the NABI Blog. Our Blog is intended to inform, explain, clarify and raise awareness on current business topics and issues. Do you have a story you would like to share on our blog or be featured in our newsletter? Simply send an email and tell us what you want us to know. We want to hear about your success stories.

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NABI Upcoming Events

MAY 10 IDEA Breakfast Part 1 - The biggest things that hold back company growth. 
5/10/2017 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Presenter: Rob Chault Register

MAY 18 Lunch & Learn: Get Automated - Cloud Bookkeeping Choices 
5/18/2017 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Presenter: Lloyd Spence Register

MAY 25 IDEA Breakfast Part 2 - The biggest things that hold back company growth. 
5/25/2017 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

JUN 13 Lunch & Learn: DIY Approach to Market and Industry Analysis 
6/13/2017 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Presenter: Terry Rachwalski Register

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Our Community Partners Events

MAY 8 - AWE Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

Edmonton: Are You Ready For Entrepreneurship? Starting and creating your own business is life-changing. It can be fun, exciting and challenging. Register here 

MAY 15 - Advanced Technology Centre

Venure Capital: How it Works and how it builds a Province: In this talk, AVAC's President Warren Bergen provides an in-depth discussion on venture capital and what it takes to gain access to this form of capital that invests in only 1% of all companies considered. Register here 

MAY 26 - Dealing with Digital Disruption

Business executives interested in or struggling to define how to deal with the effects that digital technologies is having on their business. The Symposium would also be of interest to small business owners who can see the challenges and opportunities the digital revolution presents. For more information and to register contact Anshuman Khare Register Here.


  • The Secret to Successful Sales Calls: LinkedIn Lead Generation

    According to Hussam Tungekar of Futurpreneur, your next successful sales call is only a few clicks away. At NABI’s Lunch and Learn on April 13th, Hussam presented his tips and tricks for using LinkedIn as a sales funnel for businesses. 

    As a website developed based on recruiting software, LinkedIn was originally an online space for job seekers to post their resumes, and recruiters to sift through profiles for candidates. As it has developed, it’s become much more than that. The newest updates to LinkedIn (which was bought out by Microsoft), will likely improve the platform for further functionality in the future, and may also form a more user-friendly nexus between your account, and your other programs and software you use regularly. 

    Businesses are using LinkedIn for recruiting, sales, contact databases, communications, advertising, content marketing, and more. Hussam focused primarily on the sales function of LinkedIn. The death of the cold call comes in an age where LinkedIn can act as a warming oven for your sales calls. Instead of reaching out to strangers, it’s now possible to search for ideal leads, filter them accordingly, tailor your approach, and enjoy a higher rate of success with less calls made. 

    The key to this approach is search functionality in LinkedIn. Instead of testing the connection during a sales call, you can do this in preparation. Pre-screening your sales calls means you are able to make the right contact, with the right person. Rather than wasting your time, and your leads’, you can find out whether they need your services, what you can offer them specifically, and whether they are the right contact to make, all before you pick up the phone. 

    The difference is in volume versus quality. As opposed to making hundreds of cold calls, a few “warm” calls per day can give you the same success rate. Don’t think of it as saving time on sales; you still have to put in the time to properly get to know your contacts. Research is crucial for this strategy to be successful.  

    Hussam’s recommended approach to sales looks like this: 

    1. Know your ideal candidate. In other words, know who you are looking for as an ideal client.
    2. Use the search functionality on LinkedIn to find your potential leads. Paid accounts can search by almost any demographic, while free accounts will have to do a bit more groundwork to use this function.
    3. Do your research: View your potential lead’s personal and company profiles. Learn more about his or her roles and responsibilities within the organization, and decide if this is the right person to contact.
    4. Send the lead a message on LinkedIn to start the conversation. This should be short and to the point, without an immediate sales pitch.
    5. Follow up the message with a call. Now that you’ve established a connection, it should be easier to sell, or to maintain the contact for future reference. 

    Hussam recommends finding and approaching the second level of an organization for your initial contact. Instead of aiming for the CEO, direct your LinkedIn message and follow up call to someone on the SLT advisory team, who can advocate for you to the CEO. This way, approval is more likely once you reach the top level of decision making.

    To find out more about our Upcoming Events. 

    May 10 IDEA Breakfast Part 1 - The biggest things that hold back company growth.
    May 18 Lunch & Learn: Get Automated - Cloud Bookkeeping Choices
    May 24 IDEA Breakfast Part 2 - The biggest things that hold back company growth.
    Jun 13 Lunch & Learn: DIY Approach to Market and Industry Analysis 

  • Learning Opportunities During the New IDEA Breakfast Series

    There’s always more to learn in the world of business regardless of your position or experience level, which is why NABI has introduced a new learning opportunity – IDEA Breakfast Series. Two interactive sessions are hosted each month, focusing on a chosen theme, and presenters aim to inform, discuss, examine and advise attendees of the topic of interest. 

    • Session #1: An industry expert shares a short presentation to inform participants of elements directly related to the monthly theme. A facilitated round-table discussion follows to explore areas such as best practices and challenges.
    • Session #2: A local business owner shares experiences regarding the monthly theme. The session is treated as a living case study, meaning attendees are able to examine how the chosen topic impacted the presenter’s business and receive practical advice that can be applied to other companies.

    The first IDEA Breakfast Series kicked off in November with a focus on branding. Kurian Tharakan, Founder and Managing Director, StrategyPeak Sales and Marketing Advisors, took centre stage as our industry expert. Guests absorbed a comprehensive presentation about what a brand consists of, common misconceptions and how to effectively build a brand. A round-table discussion enabled attendees to have their burning questions answered, as well as receive advice from an industry expert who has seen it all.

    Kendall Barber, Co-Founder, Poppy Barley, shared the story of the custom made footwear company’s brand development from beginning to present. Her primary focus was on Poppy Barley’s brand DNA, which consists of its:

    • Purpose
    • Personality & Voice
    • Values
    • Culture

    Examining the brand development journey of a local business helped attendees gain understanding and perspective, especially after learning about the technical aspects of branding from Tharakan during the first event. Barber completed the session by answering guest questions and offering guidance based on her experience.

    Carol Donald, Founder, Wow Factor Mosaics, was present at both sessions and shared her event takeaways with NABI. “Kurian focused on a brand as it exists in a customer’s head – the sizzle rather than the steak,” explained Donald. “One of the main takeaways for me was the value of repeated contact with potential customers as a way of building rapport and making your brand personally linked to you and your values.”

    Donald also enjoyed hearing from Barber. “I was very impressed with her well thought out approach to find her ideal customer,” she shared. “With confidence in her plan and product, coupled with persistence and creativity, Poppy Barley has overcome several small business hurdles and has taken off in just a few years. Kendall’s story was very inspiring and her customer tailored approach is one worth studying.”

    Sometimes the best way to gain business insight is hearing from an expert and examining a live case study, which is an opportunity NABI is proud to offer local professionals.

    “The IDEA Breakfast sessions were time well spent and I appreciated the drop-in format, as it fit with my schedule,” said Donald. “I left with several new ideas and confirmation of some of the things I’ve already started doing to market my company. I would definitely attend another one!”

    Interested in having a few aha moments during an IDEA Breakfast Series attend the next IDEA Breakfast Series visit our Upcoming Events page to find out when our Upcoming Events will be.

  • Why Companies Should Hold Annual Christmas Parties

    The holiday season is in full swing. Offices are decorated, season’s greetings are being shared and companies are hosting their annual Christmas parties. However, in times of economic struggle, some business owners may not fully recognize the value of hosting a Christmas party. 

    Annual celebrations influence corporate culture. Christmas parties become ingrained in a team’s culture as events that encourage staff to shed work stresses and engage with each other in a fun environment. Also, getting employees into the holiday spirit lightens their mood and boosts morale. 

    Christmas parties wrap up the year in a positive setting and are an excellent way to say “thank you” to staff for their hard work and dedication. Hosting annual festivities is one way of showing your team that they’re valued, which is a worthwhile investment.   

    Corporate Christmas parties don’t have to be overly lavish; they simply need to be cheerful and relaxed. It’s a time to say “Happy Holidays,” have informal conversations and show gratitude to a group of diligent individuals. They’re events team members look forward to, especially if companies put the effort into making them enjoyable and memorable. 

    Christmas parties offer a relaxing end to the current year and refreshing start to the New Year. So recognize the importance of these celebrations and maintain their presence within your company. 

    If you haven’t already RSVP’d to NABI’s Christmas Potluck Party, you’re invited to join us! View our event page for more details. 

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