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Welcome to the NABI Blog. Our Blog is intended to inform, explain, clarify and raise awareness on current business topics and issues. Do you have a story you would like to share on our blog or be featured in our newsletter? Simply send an email and tell us what you want us to know. We want to hear about your success stories.

Connect with Your Prospect by Understanding These Deep Motives
Your prospect’s self-identity drives their behavior. Disregard this at your peril! by Kurian M. Tharakan

Get Your Prospects to Persuade Themselves with Social Proof
Discover a powerful technique to have prospects sell themselves on your idea, and feel good about doing it! by Kurian M. Tharakan

Mr. Sulu, Raise Shields! A Sales Pitch is Decloaking Off Starboard. SuperUser
Your prospects can see a sales pitch coming from a light year away. Here’s how to get them to drop their defense shields. by Kurian M. Tharakan Fans of Star Trek know that when the star ship Enterprise is threatened, Captain Kirk’s first response is to raise shields. Its exactly the same response found in your clients when you pitch them on purchasing a new product or service. On some level, your prospects view you as a threat, at least at the beginning of a relationship. Their defense shields are raised, and the key messages of your pitch, if they can get through at all, are filtered through a thick screen of suspicion. When someone is faced with doing something new, whose risks of execution and outcome are unknown, the safest course of action is to say "no". By saying "no" they remain safe in the status quo. How can you penetrate your client's defense shields to ensure your message gets through? Use the Disrupt Then Reframe (DTR) technique.

Oktoberfest V: And now for the cheese pairing SuperUser
The next step was to pick the cheeses to go with each of the 7 beers selected for this year’s event.   We checked with 3 experts: Mr. Google Search, a qualified Sommelier and an experienced Cheese Monger.  There was surprising agreement!  Results presented below.  Please note the date and time: NABI Oktoberfest V - Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013, 4:00 till 7:00pm at our Campbell location.   Beer Beer Notes Cheese Pairing Alley Kat Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale The name says it all. Brie or Camembert. Swiss cows’ milk (Gruyere, Ementaller) Krombacher Weizen, Krombacher Wheat beer. Cloudy, naturally. Simple chevre goat cheese (maybe a hint of cranberries) or herbed spread such as Boursin; fresh mozzarella. Black Tusk Ale, Whistler Brewing English-style mild ale. A hint of bitter, chocolate and coffee.  Brewed since 1989; 2 World Awards. Pepper cheese, Monterey/Pepper Jack; smoked gouda (pepper, not wine) Lions Winter Ale (10th year anniversary), Granville Island Brewing A dark and delicious cold weather classic.  This is a very smooth ale! 3-5 year Cheddar, 3 year aged Gouda from Holland Oloroso Cask, Innis & Gunn Oak aged beer matured in rare Oloroso Sherry casks. Soft goats cheese; olives, figs. Manchego, Asiago; Romano in a pinch. 1772 India Pale Ale, Gahan House Brewing Copper in color, this medium bodied ale has the IPA (hoppy) characteristics of being high in alcohol with a bitter finish. Milder blue such as Gorgonzola or Cambozola. Roquefort. Double Espresso Beer, TSA Brewing Double strength coffee bean and toasted oatmeal flavors. Lightly hoppy, smooth, silky and that welcoming coffee bite. Aged Gouda. Or maybe double or triple crème brie. Ricotta on a Biscotti or Gjetost (pronounced yay-toast).   Cheers, Dar     Dar Schwanbeck, CMC Managing Director NABI Business Development Network

How to Boost Your Persuasion Power with Sticky Notes SuperUser
… or how a pen, a 3 inch note, and a little low tack adhesive can help you get to yes!  by Kurian M. Tharakan In 1974, 3M researcher Art Fry wanted a better bookmark, one that would stay in place in his church hymnals. His solution was to add a small adhesive strip to the bookmark paper and thus the 3M Post-it note was born. Post-its have since enjoyed wide spread adoption in both the office and home, but would you believe that in addition to being a useful way to communicate they can also dramatically increase your persuasion power? Randy Garner is a professor of behavioral sciences at Sam Houston State University in Texas. In 2005, he published a paper in the Journal of Consumer Psychology documenting his famous Post-it note study. Garner randomly selected 150 full time faculty members at a university to receive a request to complete a five page survey on the university campus climate. The surveys were sent through inter-office mail in the following manner: 1/3 had a handwritten Post-it note placed on the cover letter requesting completion of the survey (Post-it conditions), 1/3 had a similar handwritten message on the cover letter itself (written message conditions), 1/3 received the cover letter and survey form alone (no written message, control condition). The message on items a) and b) were “Please take a few minutes to complete this for us. Thank you!”. Of course, there was no message on the control group’s (c) surveys. The startling results were as follows: The Post-it note group had 38 of 50 surveys (76%) returned The hand written only group had 24 of the 50 surveys (48%) returned 18 of the 50 participants (36%) in the no message group had the survey returned What accounted for such a strong response in the Post-it note group? The researchers believe that the application of the hand written Post-it note message on the cover letter was viewed by the recipient as a personal request or favor.  When combined with the deluge of impersonal packages and mailings one normally receives on their desk, the fact that someone had taken the time to use a handwritten Post-it implied that they thought it important enough that they make a personal request. The least the recipient could do was make an effort to comply with that request! Personalizing your requests, even with a simple device as a Post-it note, can dramatically increase your powers of persuasion. To view original article please click here

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